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Colle´ Kharis Interview on NCN 98 1 Hot FM with Nerissa Pearson

A Deep Dive into Music, Heritage, and Artistry with Nerissa Person 🎤🌍"

Dive into the heart and soul of my recent interview with the incredible Nerissa Person from NCN 98.1 Hot FM in Guyana! 🇬🇾 We explored the roots of my music, delving into my journey as a Guyanese-born fusion-reggae artist. Discover what inspires me and how my Guyanese heritage, broughtupsy, and experience weaves into the melodies that define my sound. As an independent artist, we unpacked the intricacies of self management and how it has shaped my approach to the dynamic music industry. Challenges and triumphs paved the way for a conversation that goes beyond the music, offering a glimpse into the raw authenticity of an artist on their path. The interview delved into the importance of branding and the unique merchandise available on my website. Uncover the significance of each item, how they resonate with the essence of my musical identity, and why they're more than just products—they're a connection to the heart of my artistry. Curious about the strategic and intellectual production behind the scenes? We spoke about the meticulous crafting of my music, revealing the marriage between my life experience and the soulful intricacies that make each song resonate. Join us for an exploration of sound, culture, and the artistry that binds them together.



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