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The Book of Colle Kharis, The New Reggae Sensation

By Dr. Ernst Albert

I had the privilege to see Colle Kharis perform twice in the past three weeks. What a treat to my eyes and ears! Seeing this great artist live on stage was a pleasant surprise both times. The voice, the music, and the charisma had me glued on the scene to ensure I did not miss anything.

I downloaded the album a few weeks ago when it came out. I never stop listening to this unique modern Reggae Fusion compilation. Each song is so different from the other that I spend an hour shaking my head with a smile at the different orchestrated rhythms. The variety of beats in this album makes it easier to listen and relax, even as you dance. Dr. Kharis, “Yes, he is a Dr.” did an excellent job with his compositions. The lyrics are intelligent. The music is eclectic and well-mixed. This album is not your familiar Reggae songs. The smoothness and sensitivity of the artist respectfully reflect his gentle mannerism on each track. A smooth, unique voice is out there to comfort many music lovers. I listen to Colle Kharis as soon as I start my car. I recently took a seven-hour drive to Atlanta, Georgia, from Florida, with only one CD. Yes, people, Colle Kharis was the companion. So, I drove another hour and a half to see him live a week later. That was my second time. My wife had to see him on stage.

What a show this gentleman did. Besides the music and excellent performance, Colle Kharis projects an admirable stage presence with a natural unusual regard for the audience. His communication skills put him on a classic level as a performer. People pay attention to his words as they come out of his mouth. The story behind each song reveals his meticulous thoughts and inspirations. This new artist has style and respect for his audience. As I look around the room, everybody has a smile of satisfaction. Everyone is moving their head as they exchange smiles of joy. This lady just gave me a thumb, which I returned. My wife thanked me twice for taking her to the Colle Kharis show. “We had a great time,” she said. I simply smiled. Even though we sang “Not in The Mood,” track 9 in the album, I was happy.

I highly recommend the Book of Colle Kharis album. I am confident you will enjoy it. There is a song for everyone you can relate to—ten tracks of great songs to put you in a fantastic mood. Hopefully, you will also attend one of his live presentations to put a long-lasting smile on your face.

Thank you, Dr. Kharis, job well done.

Dr. Ernst



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