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Colle´ Kharis, pronounced Collay Karis, transcends the boundaries of being merely an artist; he's a multifaceted individual, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and holds a doctorate degree in education. Beyond these remarkable achievements, he emerges as a musical force with a profound mission—to uplift souls and propagate conscious lyricism.

Originally from the small country of Guyana in South America, Colle´ Kharis embarked on a transformative journey when he immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, with his family in 1990. Following his high school graduation, he made a significant pivot by joining the United States Air Force. It was during his dedicated service to his country that Colle´ Kharis embarked on a parallel path, recording his debut album, aptly titled “Defined Versatility.”

His inaugural foray into the music scene saw him opening for recording star Wayne Wonder, marking the beginning of a noteworthy trajectory. The subsequent year witnessed him sharing the stage with esteemed Hip-hop Artists such as Slick Rick, Mr. Cheeks, Ying Yang Twins, Pastor Troy, Chamillionaire, Lil' Flip, and others. The alignment of destiny is evident in his stage name, "Colle Kharis," a meaningful derivation from his birth name, Colin Harris.

In 2023, Colle Kharis released his sophomore album, The Book of Colle´ Kharis, a work deeply rooted in life experiences. In this album, he seamlessly fuses various genres, including pop, R&B, funk, soul, and rock, with the foundational roots reggae genre. The result is a sonic masterpiece that transcends genre boundaries and resonates with music lovers from all walks of life.


Currently residing in Tampa, Florida, Colle´ Kharis continues to weave his musical magic, leaving an indelible mark with his fusion-reggae artistry and a commitment to spreading positive vibes through conscious lyrics.


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Colle´  Kharis is available for international live musical performances and appearances. He generally travels from the United States and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other events. Colle´ Kharis holds a U.S. Passport. Please contact for booking at

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Colle´ Kharis

Genre: Reggae and Dancehall

Price: Quoted Upon Request

Spotify Demographic: Age 23 - 59


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Colle´ Kharis holds a Doctor of Education degree in Instruction and Performance Technology from The University of West Florida and can speak on various topics.

The Sound of  Colle´ Kharis

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Colle´ Kharis' music is available for streaming and download on several streaming services globally, including, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer, Youtube Music, iHeartRadio, Jook, and more.

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Colle' Kharis is currently riding the wave of excitement surrounding his latest single, 'Life of Purpose.' Since its September 2023 release, the song has graced the airwaves of over 80 radio stations worldwide, securing multiple number-one slots. These include being named 'Song of the Week' on NCN Hot 98.1 FM in Guyana, enjoying a three-week reign at the top on Destiny Radio in New York, and maintaining a 14-week presence on the KAZI 88.7 FM Top 10 list in Austin, TX. As of April 15, 2024, Colle' Kharis's music has amassed over 80,000 streams this year alone


HJ Boom 94.1 FM

Guyana, South America

KAZI 88.7 FM

Austin, Texas

Valley 89.5 FM

Canberra, Australia

NCN Hot 98.1 FM

Guyana, South America

PUSO 82.3 FM

Columbus, Ohio

96.1 Voice FM

Guyana, South America

WNDO 105.1 FM

Miami, Florida

Power 91 FM

Salem/Rolla, Missouri

MM Radio

Lausanne, Switzerland

Bostin Radio

Birmingham, England

Virtuosity Worldwide

Manitoba, Canada

Radio Lantau

China, Japan, & Germany

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Life of Purpose
Written by Colin A. Harris
Tomorrow's Freedom
Written by Colin A. Harris
Johnny Don't Cry
Written by Colin A. Harris
Echoes of War
Written by Colin A. Harris
A Good Day
Written by Colin A. Harris


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It's easy to hire Colle´ Kharis for live performance, special productions and product endorsements. Just contact us and provide us with your requirements here.

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Colle´ Kharis performs to backing tracks controlled by a DJ, a guitarist, and background vocalist. 

Colle´  Kharis performed many radio and DJ drops for radio stations and sound systems around the world.

Colle´ Kharis has performed as a guest feature on other artists' songs and is available to collaborate on such credited production opportunities providing the tracks aligns with his artistic and moral vision.


Colle´ Kharis is an unsigned independent artist recording under his own brand, RacJam Records.


Phone: (813) 402-6987

WhatsApp: (813) 402-6987

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